The Astounding Academy’s curriculums are designs to encourage each child to reach their full potential and to approach learning with enthusiasm, persistence, and curiosity. We provide materials and active experience that children need to become critical thinkers and problem solvers. The content is learned through play, investigation, and focused intentional hands on teaching. All our classrooms along our Primary Readiness Course, for infants through pre k, utilizes a single set of researched based developments indicators, which ensures consistency and growth in the learning experience throughout the time here at The Astounding Academy. No matter what age your child is we will prepare them for Primary school.

Fun educational. adventurous field trips and activities.

STEM implementation

Trained and Certified Teachers

High quality curriculum


Infant (6 weeks-18months)

Our commitment to your baby begins with a special partnership between our teacher, and you parent. This partnership is especially important to provide the highest quality care for your infant. Together, parents, and teachers develop a daily schedule to meet your child’s individual needs. Routines such as diapering and feeding are on demand. These routines are built into a schedule and carried out throughout the day. Research tells us that 90% of all learning occurs within the first three years of life. At The Astounding Academy we take advantage of this, by providing planned, stimulating opportunities designed for individual children to maximize their language, cognitive, physical, social and emotional development.

Toddlers (19week-24 months)

Toddlers are encouraged to express their individual interests through interactions with each other and through hands-on environmental experiences. Our staff encourages emergent communication skills by engaging the children in conversations, and helping to resolve conflicts peacefully. Classroom teachers provide the children in their care with theme-based activities and center based classrooms that are rich in literature. Independent skills are fostered throughout the day with emphasis on daily living skills like pottying and meal times. Designed to provide each child with a safe and nurturing environment that will stimulate
learning. Teachers actively chart the development of each child and provide parents with daily communication regarding their child’s personal care routine.

Two’s (24-36 month)

Actively work towards potty-training each child. In an effort to prepare the children for the preschool program, children are introduced to the concept of center play. Furthermore, the curriculum provides a strong vocabulary enriched base so that literary skills may be introduced to children. The curriculum focuses on language development, as well as social emotional, and physical development. Teachers plan individual and group experiences that allow children to interact, with others and their environment.

Preschoolers ( 3 years old )

The preschool years are widely recognized as providing the foundation for lifelong learning. Children develop significantly in their physical, social emotional and cognitive areas during preschool years. The adults in their lives and environment influence all of these areas Children’s self-expression is encouraged in our music, art, dramatic play, library, block, writing, and science centers. Classrooms are rich with literacy and in numeracy, continually emphasizing preparation for upcoming school years. Teachers provide developmentally appropriate lesson plans with emphasis on emergent curriculum. This assists with the development of self-help skills and a respect for others and materials. Activities are planned to challenge but never frustrate a child. Self-worth is gained as a child successfully masters age appropriate tasks. We also start implementing tablet devices for each preschool scholar to prepare them an easy transition into Pre K.

Pre K ( 4 – 5 years old )

Our Preschool curriculum introduces several learning concepts such as literacy, math, and critical thinking skills. Vocabulary development is very important at this stage too, as children will begin to learn the art of writing. The classrooms are organized into centers such as reading, science, math, and writing. Furthermore, children are exposed to a print-rich environment, which allows students to associate written language to oral language. Parents are fully aware of their child’s academic progress through quarterly assessment tools and parent- teacher conferences.

The before and after school day childcare program provides care for full -day Kindergarten through 5th grade students, as well as transportation to local elementary schools. The teachers provide a variety of enrichment activities including games, physical fitness, stories and arts & crafts. We help students with their homework and any extra projects they may have.

Our summer camps allow children from first through fourth grades to explore a variety of interests. Throughout the summer, the children have opportunities to take field trips that stimulate learning and enhance their camp experience.




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